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tailor-made safaris

Insiders Africa offers you the freedom to create the adventure safari of your dreams. We can craft a tailor-made safari specially for you based on your unique requirements. Do you have a particular interest? Do you have a history or connection with East Africa that you would like to explore on your trip?
We can recommend and provide potential options and advice on places to visit. We can even suggest an itinerary that is tailor-made to your specific interests and requirements. We work with places we know and can recommend well, because they are the sort of places we go ourselves.

Alternatively, just get yourself to Nairobi and we can do the rest. Sometimes, the best thing is to keep things simple, so our ideal safari would be 2-3 locations total, in order not to make you exhausted from being on holiday!

What’s the cost? For a tailor-made safari, you should budget around $500 upwards per person per day, although the whole cost will depend entirely on the logistics and locations involved.

Please visit out website, Alex Hunter Safaris, for more information on what we do.

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